S1 E2
Chuck Hyppa: Keeping it in the Fairway (Part 2)

Released May 3, 2022

In this compelling episode of Recovery Replay, we delve into the story of Chuck Hyppa, a gifted athlete and golf course superintendent who finds himself trapped in the clutches of alcoholism. As Chuck’s addiction spirals out of control, his wife Erin bears the brunt of the mental, emotional, and financial fallout, watching as the trust in their relationship erodes and their family life unravels.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Jerry Law, Executive Director of The Meadows at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, offers expert insights into the complex nature of addiction, shedding light on how it alters brain chemistry and impairs rational decision-making. He also underscores the crucial role of boundaries and the transformative power of crisis intervention in breaking through the walls of denial and propelling individuals towards seeking help.

The turning point in Chuck’s journey arrives when Erin takes a stand, refusing to enable his behavior any longer. In a moment of clarity, Chuck reaches out for help and enters treatment at The Meadows, marking the beginning of his recovery journey. As Chuck works to prioritize his sobriety and lean on his support system, Erin embarks on her own path of self-discovery, recognizing her inner strength and the importance of reaching out for assistance when needed.

This episode serves as a poignant testament to the far-reaching impact of addiction and the potential for recovery through professional intervention, unwavering support, and a commitment to personal growth. By sharing their story, Chuck and Erin offer hope and inspiration to those facing similar struggles, reminding listeners that healing is possible with the right tools, support, and determination.

Key Points

  • Chuck hid his drinking for years through denial, excuses and gaslighting those around him like his wife Erin. His competitive drive fueled his addiction as he tried to avoid getting caught.
  • Erin struggled for a long time trying to understand what was going on, constantly worrying about Chuck and their family. It took a major toll on her mentally, physically and financially. She began losing trust in him, even with their children.
  • A doctor told Chuck he may not live another 10 years if he kept drinking. Chuck laughed while Erin cried, showing how deep in denial he was.
  • Erin stopped enabling Chuck and set a boundary that he had to leave until he got help. After days alone in a hotel, Chuck finally called a treatment center, The Meadows, and asked Erin to take him.
  • Her saying yes to driving him to rehab was a pivotal moment for Chuck, like her accepting his marriage proposal. He knew it was his chance to change his life.
  • In recovery, Chuck has learned to prioritize his sobriety and lean on his strong support system led by Erin. She also discovered her own strength and that it’s okay to ask for help.